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Texas Tuxedo Line




2018 Blanc Du Bois

Coming August 2019!

Our dry Blanc Du Bois has a lovely floral bonnet with notes of citrus and apple, followed by a clean crisp finish.


2018 Muscat Canelli

Now Available!

This Muscat Canelli is a delightful, sweet white wine which showcases graceful honeysuckle blossoms, apricot and apple, with a soft and smooth finish.




2018 Grenache Rosé  

Coming August 2019!

This light bodied Grenache Rose with its elegant display of color captures delicate smooth sweetness of strawberry, hibiscus and a breath of fresh air.

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2017 Sangiovese Rosé

This light bodied, sweet Sangiovese Rosé has light aromas of strawberries & peach with hints of cherry and spice and a delightful finish.



2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Our full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is stunningly embraced with fruit forward aromas laced with vanilla, cedar and a touch of chocolate. This wine unveils excellent qualities which enhance the palate.


Sweet Red

Now available!!

Our well-balanced Sweet Red has intense aromas of sweet and jammy fruits. Luscious flavors of strawberry, cherry and plum with a hint of earthiness eloquently unfold in its sweet and smooth taste.

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California Road Trip Line

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2017 Symphony, Lodi

Elegantly sweet, this hybrid white varietal of Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris is graced with aromas of tropical fruits and peach flavors

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Red Wine, California

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Syrah, which are rarely seen harmonizing so beautifully. Aromas of plums, cherries, cocoa, spice and sweet oak are showcased in this full bodied, well-balanced wine.